Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Occasional Genius Of Junk Email

So I get junk email; everyone gets junk email. Most of it is sub-literate, uncreative, and totally uninspired. Every now and again, however, one comes along that just BLOWS YOUR MIND and makes you almost want to get your identity stolen by clicking the link, just to say, "Thank you, Junk Email Person, for brightening up my Inbox a little today!"

This happened to me today, when I received this: "Hey man, check out these pics I took of my Ex-Wife. Man she was hot." Now, let's break this down. A man marries a hot woman who he takes pictures of, but then they divorce. Later, still apparently a little broken up about the whole thing and possibly still in love with her, he sends out an email to a random gay man such as myself telling me to click on a link and see his hot ex-wife naked. Just ponder all that for a second. It's sad, creepy, twistedly kind of sweet, douchey, and hilarious all at the same time! In other words, it's awesome! Kudos to whoever typed out that little two sentence human drama!

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