Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Crickets Are Getting Deafening Up In This Bitch!

Wow, everyone's been so quiet lately! On vacation? Bored of me? Just not in the commenting mood? Talk to me, people!


truth and lies said...

I start a new job tomorrow and naturally I'm nervous. It's within the field that I'm trained for but in a totally different capacity. I don't know if I'll love it or if it's something I'd stay long term.

Also I'd be working for my old professor from school. I hated my previous job, my last day was last thursday but at least I had benefits. This new job offers none but pays more.

I'm hearing impaired so that adds a whole new dimension to this. I worry about if I'll have to work with someone who has a heavy accent or with a heavy mustache because I rely on lipreading. My concern is meetings - I have to think about how will I be able to keep up with the conversations where the speakers are constantly changing.

So that's my deal this weekend.

Gunn said...

Computer died!
(This is my bosses.)

Frank said...

Truth and lies: Good luck! I'm sure it will all be fine. Getting out of a situation where you're miserable is always a good idea, IMHO.

Gunn: Condolences! I hate computer trouble. Hope it's resolved soon.

Zeke said...

i had a dinner party and only invited the gheys.

it's really hot.

my dinner was delicious

thank you for posting!! heh seriously your a good read