Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Start Running For Canada!

These are the future leaders of America. They make me a very, very sad panda. They also make me mad that they're the face of my generation. We're not all entitled assholes! Honest!

Hey, Toby, FHC, could you get some of your DC gays together and kick these fellows asses, please?

(Via Maud Newton)


Chad said...

Well, keep in mind they're just the entitled elite, although for this would-be historian they call to mind not just any entitled elite, but the ones from the last Roman generation before Augustus' creation of the imperial office and the last few generations at Versailles in the early-mid eighteenth century...

Hubbard said...

Huh. I actually live in Adams Morgan, which is hardly ghetto. (I'd dearly love to see these kids at a bar in Anacostia--they'd get eaten alive.) I think article confirms my beliefe that Georgetown is overpriced, pretentious, and clotted with clueless breeders.

I do know these types of people, since my alma mater was filled with them. They're a bipartisan plague. Despite their big talk, most of them crumple up like cheap suits when faced with people who are deeper than parking lot puddles.

A good rule of thumb for sorting out the potential DC elites from the perpetual wannabes: those who know don't talk, and those who talk don't know.

Zeke said...

They don't seem like people I'd hang out with, more like Toby's squad : )

nah they seem shallow but not that bad, typical rich bar flies. You'll meet them all over and they just have a different language and different goals but on the whole their nice.