Friday, July 13, 2007

Online Dating

Why is that on online dating/hook-up sites, I seem to get more messages from guys who live hundreds of miles away than those anywhere near me? What kind of sense does that make? It makes me so mad, because I get a nice message from a guy who looks pretty good, and then it turns out he's in like Virginia or something, and what am I supposed to do with THAT? I'm horny, but I'm not making a roadtrip just to get laid.

Also, what's up with all the profiles without pictures? Vince is so right: if you're going to post a profile on a dating/hook-up site, YOU NEED AN ACCURATE PICTURE! I don’t have a camera and have no idea how to actually get any pics I might be able to take with my phone OUT of said phone, but even I have some (totally G-rated that I don’t like anymore and need to change) pics to send/post! If I can do it, people, you can do it! Even if you’re ugly or whatever, it’s always better to be upfront about everything; there’s someone for everyone, but if you lie or whatever, all you’ll get is someone pissed off instead of someone who’s actually into you.


David said...

At least you're getting responses. That's better than nothing. I've a few profiles on various sites but I can count on less than one finger the responses I got. I have the requisite face photo, g rated body photo, descriptive profile about me and who I'm looking for. I'm not gorgeous but I'm not butt ugly either. I'm not boring but not super exciting. I guess I'm too average to catch anyone's eye.

Zeke said...

this is pretty typical, i don't know why but even if you say pictures only and local only someone will send you a faceless profile from 100 miles away asking, "hey what are you into"

Frank said...

David: Oh, don't get the impression that I get all kinds of responses. I get one like every quarter, maybe. I'm sure you're well, well above average, though.

Zeke: Thanks. At least I know it's not just me.

Stay-At-Home Gay said...

That is so true! "Hot guy from the other side of the globe likes you." Great like that helps anything.