Monday, July 16, 2007

Desparately Seeking... Er, Snake? (I Can't Think Of Another Penis Euphemism Starting With 'S')

Is a penis that's not only "'a warm, life-sized attachment that serves a number of utilitarian purposes,'" but also full of "'wry personality and quirks,'" too much to ask for?

So, any quirky penises out there looking for a solid, retiring (but full of get-up-and-go when needs be), slightly inexperienced (but eager to learn), sometimes painfully stiff-necked (but generally affable and eager-to-please) penis? Fats welcome, but no fems.

(No offense to the lady-dick or the clitoris, but the latter comes with... other things far too yeasty for my tastes, and the former would belong to a tranny, and I'd probably be eaten alive by my fierce transgendered sistren.)

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