Saturday, June 09, 2007

One Night Only (If You're Bad At It)

Vince is pondering the rules of one-night stands. Maybe it's the fact that I don't have a lot of experience with or opportunity to "practice," but I don't really have rules for one-night stands. I could go either full-on slut or 50s good girl; it all depends on the mood and the chemistry and the situation. But, like I said, it might just be the sexual frustration talking.

What are your rules?


Dr. Sparky said...

Come to Chicago and let me take you out on the town. We'll get you some practice!

Zeke said...

if it's a one night stand don't spend the night, that's the one and only simply rule. if you have sex with a one night stand several times they become fuck buddies, if you start lending each other clothes, or doing favors for them you are in a relationship.

Zeke said...

oh and as for activities...anything goes after all you don't have to explain yourself the next day so give it a whirl..who knows you might just like it.

Frank said...

Vince: When you least expect it, I'll swoop down on Chicago and plop right down on your couch! The city will never know what hit it! *LOL*

Zeke: Wise words.