Thursday, May 03, 2007

Map Of Online Communities

We're probably a tiny little atoll in the Blogipelago, near the Wikipedia Islands. The Continent of Pornographica must lie to the East, past the Isle of Slash.

(Via Pharyngula)


Gunn said...

I'm with the 'Anthropomorphic dragons'.

dr. dave said...

Completely unrelated to your actual post... I'm about THIS far from taking Pharyngula off my blogroll... he's becoming more and more of an insufferable blowhard.

And speaking of blogrolls... I just noted my categorization...

What... no "Sexy"??

Frank said...

Gunn: Makes sense, what with the fire-breathing and all. *LOL*

Dr. Dave: I don't know, I still enjoy him, though I'd kinda like more science (not that I can understand a lot of it) than all the anti-creationist stuff. The latter is important and much-needed, but it's time for a bit of a break, I think.

Regarding your categorization, there are a lot of blogs that crossover, but I can only put each in ONE. Anyway, I love you for your mind, not your body! *hehehehe*

But, you know, if you take Pharyngula off the blogroll, *I*, one of your loyal readers, one of your only commenters, and a blogger who links to you, could be added! Hint, hint!