Thursday, August 17, 2006

Welcome To The Family!

Even though it all really doesn't matter, I just wanted to congratulate on our fair planet on the occasion of the "birth" of three new siblings. Pluto also remains the goth/emo cousin you don't see very often, but would regret if you suddenly found out they weren't related to you at all.


Chad said...

I refuse to accept that there are more or less than nine planets in the planet, just as I refuse to accept that tomatoes are a fruit.

CB said...

*huffs* I know it's retarded, but I'm disappointed. I've been following the whole "pluto" debate since I was little and a teacher happened to mention it.

It seems fairly simple to me.

If an object comes close to the sun and grows a tail, what do we typically call that? A freakin' comet! lol If Pluto came closer to the sun, do you know what it would do? Grow a freakin' tail, lol.

It just happens to be a very special comet. =D

All right, ok ... I'll admit that since we don't have hard and fast rules for what planets are, Pluto could fit the definition (and now it apparently fucking does). I just don't think making a whole new "class" of planets and calling them "plutons" is the answer. I thought they were making these rules to clear things up, not to make everything more complicated!

And what's this Charon is a planet nonsense?! Will the moon someday be a planet then, too? I understand why they're making Charon a planet, it makes sense in this new, ass backwards, system ... but ... it's charon! lol ...

The bad astronomer is right, we're just arguing semantics and it's silly. It doesn't matter, but it still ticks me off.


p.s. fruit or veggie ... I still hate tomatoes.