Saturday, March 18, 2006

I've Always Felt Different; Turns Out It's Because I'm A Small African Nation!

You're Togo!

Small, quiet, and very insecure, you could hide in just about any crowd. Even a crowd of one or two people. Even though you're virtually anonymous anywhere you go, you could have been wealthy if people hadn't mistreated you and taken your money. This is probably most of why you're insecure. But some people who study you hard think you're cute, so maybe you should try to open up a little.

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Gunn said...

Wow. I'm Vietnam. And a hyena (animal quiz).
I feel so attractive right now.

Frank said...

Vietnam's a beautiful country, from what I've heard. And hyenas really are much cuter than is commonly believed. They also have big penises.

Hope that makes you feel more attractive!

Vince said...

I'm France, Bitches! Voila!