Monday, February 20, 2006

This One's For YOU, GayProf!

In honor (erm....) of this year's failed job search, GayProf, I'd like to offer something I think will cheer you up a bit: Valley of the Dolls of Academe. It's not you, baby, it's the crazy committees full of vicious, insecure, backstabbing members. (Academia really is like a covey of bitchy queens, isn't it?) Check out the rest of the blog; it's a hoot. The author is a member of "the tribe" and, I'm sure, as a fellow "tribal" academic of color, would speak to you a lot more than to me and my non-academic Anglo-ness.

(Via Inside Higher Ed)


GayProf said...

Aw, I am touched you thought of me, BN.

Does Xanax count as a "doll"?

Frank said...

No problem, gayprof! Just wish you could "touch" me! *LOL*

And, yes, I'm sure Xanax counts.