Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Small Victory For Science

George Deutsch, the "the Big Bang is just a theory"/"I got my job for being a Bush kiss-ass" guy, has resigned from NASA. Not, unfortunately, for incompetence, but because he lied on his resume. Turns out, he never actually graduated college; he left to take a job in the Bush reelection campaign. Now, I would probably leave college, too, if I were offered a job in a presidential campaign. I would, however, make sure to get my degree afterwards and I sure as hell wouldn't claim I had gotten it on my resume when I really didn't! (Tell me, again, why I, holder of a legitimate degree, can't find a job???)

Anyway, it's nice that he's gone, but he's really just a small cog in the Anti-Science machine. We must remain vigilant.

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