Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Big ups to Mark for helping me fix the sidebar problem. And he didn't even have to actually look at my code or anything! My hero!!!

Eric thinks there's been a terrible mistake because I've classified his blog as "Sexy" instead of "Nerdy." Well, it's a little bit of both, really, especially since "nerdy" and "sexy" are often synonymous for me, but my blog list was just getting way too long and I simply HAD to do divy things up, so some hard choices had to be made (and, believe me, they really were hard in some cases, 'cause I'm OCD about stupid stuff like that). Still, I don't know why he's surprised: from my comments, hasn't it become painfully obvious that I have a huge crush on him?


Mark G. said...

Well...I did look at your code. If using a Netscape browser, click on 'View' in the upper left hand corner and select 'Page Source'. OR press Ctrl+U. OR right click the mouse and select view page source.

But you can still call me a hero! ;-)

Frank said...

Wow, you can do that on Firefox, too. You're still my hero, though! *LOL*

GayProf said...

Hey -- Why don't you have a crush on my blog?

Frank said...

Oh, but I do! As I said, there isn't that much difference for me between "sexy" and "nerdy." Maybe, though, if you posted some shirtless pics... *LOL*