Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Tale Of Two Divas

So I watched the NBC/Carson Daly and the ABC/Dick Clark New Year's shows. Neither was particularly inspiring or anything: generic pablum, mostly. Carson Daly wasn't as grating as I'd thought he'd be (but then we had Ryan Seachrest to compare him to, a race even Daly can come ahead in) and Wanda Sykes was amusing. I thought it was an absolute sin that they put Dick Clark out there. The poor man could barely speak!

Anyway, each show had a diva singer for entertainment. But there are classy divas and there are cracked-out divas. Guess which is which...

Mary J. Blige, NBC's chanteuse de nuit, was sensibly and chicly dressed in a white turtleneck and off-white pants suit. She sang powerfully and lustily and live.

On ABC, Mariah Carey's crazy ass was preposterously clad in some typical ho-wear consisting of a gauzy white, low-cut mini-dress, a white bra to contain the ta-tas, and a fur stole she kept dropping. She was obviously lip-synching and not doing it well at all. Looked like she was high as a kite. She must have been, to be dressed like that and not get cold.

In summary, though I know Mariah's on a comeback and all, but she's still crazy as a loon! Ms. Mary, on the other hand, knows how to work it!

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