Friday, January 06, 2006

So "Pastoring To The Police" Is What They're Calling It Now, Eh?

Yet another homophobic preacher is caught trying to get some mano a mano lovin' of the oral variety. When will hypocritical, self-hating closet case, Republican politicans and fundamentialist "clergy" learn that the more virulently and publicly gay-hating they are, the more likely karma is to bite them on the ass by causing them to be caught banging a bloke? If you want to be self-loathing, just keep it to yourself!

But, you know us homosexuals, we just can't stop sucking cock, no matter what the "straight" guys do, so maybe we're (as always) to blame. We're all degenerate sinners plotting to corrupt the world, you know.

(Via Towleroad; Pharyngula comment)

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