Monday, January 30, 2006


Okay, so let's say you start reading this blog that you really like, so you email the blogger and strike up a correspondence. And let's say you've sort of got a digital, cross-country crush on said blogger, though you know he's not in the least attracted to you because the one thing that he said upon seeing your picture was "You look just like my brother." And let's also say that this blogger is like totally cool and has been there and done everything (and everybody) and, while you don't exactly want to be just like him since you're a totally different kind of person, you still like vicariously living through him. And let's say that, while not exactly seeing him as a father-figure, you do think of him as an aloof, distant mentor who you're desperate to gain the attention and approval of.

Now, let's say that his correspondence-volume has decreased in the last few months, to the point that he only seems to answer every other email. And let's say that, due to the wonders of Site Meter, you know that he doesn't read your blog, either. And let's say that all this makes you anxious that he doesn't really like you and is trying to tactfully hint that he just wants you to go away.

So, saying all of this, should you take the hint and accept your exile from his inbox, or should you email him voicing your feelings and concerns, or should you just ignore it and email him as usual?


Bigg said...

Actually, I think that making a blog post referencing him and his behavior without naming him is really the way to go.

scott said...

First of all I read your blog every day. Second of all there is way more than one way to hit someone's site other than via a site meter visit. And third well, third I think you're way too sensitive Frank. Although I do admit that my correspondence HAS fallen off it has fallen off to everyone including my brother whom you look like. As you are aware, I'm trying deperately to finish this project I'm working on and one of the reasons that I shut the blog down was so that I could do just that.

So, I'm sorry if I've been somewhat absent but I'm definitely not trying to give you the brush off. If I were, and I think you know me well enough by now, I'd simply tell you to 'fuck off' and leave it at that. Bear with me for a bit while I finish up what I have to finish and I promise I'll be back in all my entertaining and paternal glory.


Vikram Johri said...

well, now that the said person has responded, there really is no need for advice. but as a generic case, i would suggest it's best to let sleeping dogs lie in such cases. if the communication from the other end is non-existent, don't get yourself in a mess by writing sweet (read pleading) mails to him.