Friday, January 20, 2006

Blogger Bonus

Someday, in my dreams, I'll be a published author. It'll probably be in the sci-fi/fantasy realm, since that's my favorite genre (and I'm just a big-ass geek). I've never had problems coming up with the funny (strange) names requisite in sci-fi/fantasy literature, since my imagination's good like that, but for those who want to write sci-fi/fantasy and don't have the same flair for making words up (we can't all be Tolkein), or just want a way to introduce some variety (i.e. something other than the popular faux-Latinate), I have something for you: the Blogger word verification letter-strings!

Most of the time, the random strings of letters make no sense, but even that can be a bonus if one wishes to create more alien sounding words. Some of the ones I've personally jotted down include "gaerne," "ejatix," "hkeai," "sorgs," "zacrd," "sstrha," "rgisi," "txepo," "mokwup," "aphle," "nfulu," "quuet," "gimmcean," "virot," and "oywyd." Try it and see for yourself.

(See, Vince, word verification isn't evil!)

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Vince said...

It SO is evil, Iaiziv.