Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blog Reading Methodologies

When I find a blog that looks interesting, I go back into the archives (sometimes all the way back) and start reading from there. I find it the best way to understand the blog as a whole. It also makes it easier to read the later stuff, because you know what the heck the author is talking about when they reference previous posts or past events chronicled in previous posts.

I'm just curious, though, if this is an unusual practice or not. Do others do this? Or do you just pick up the blog where you "found" it?


Vikram Johri said...

well, i do that too, particularly if the post i reached is well-written and i feel that reading the blog consistently can push in some value-addition. not just for getting a background on what's written but also becoz good bloggers are, generally, consistently good when it comes to writing.

scahzer said...

I usually go to the very first post, and then I scan the first month, and then I usually skip around a bit.

With books, I read the last few pages first, then possibly the last chapter. Then I read the book to find out how it got there.

I don't eat icecream cones from the bottom, up.