Tuesday, December 20, 2005

God, I Can't Wait Until The Brokeback Hubbub Dies Down

Brokeback isn't totally made-up! (Well, it is, but you know what I mean.) Cowboys had lots of sex... with each other! Well, duh!!! Do you really think a guy who got into Dodge or Cheyenne or wherever once a year could wait that long for the whores? Of course they were boinking each other!

Meanwhile, Nathan Lane makes fun of Brokeback Mountain. A few things:

1) It's nice to see not everyone's busting a nut over this movie.

2) Nathan Lane's funny (sometimes).

3) I don't think every gay celebrity has to be a political poster person.

4) Coming out is a very hard, personal choice. Thus, while gay celebrities coming out would be good for the community, especially young people, and even for themselves psychically, I understand (not support, exactly) the decision to stay in the closet.

5) We're never going to get the "perfect" depiction of gay people in popular culture because popular culture doesn't depict anyone all that wonderfully. TV and the movies are really just one big parade of stereotypes, caricatures, and unflattering portraits. Thus, I sometimes get very impatient with those activists who get outraged at, say, the Queer Eye guys. Yeah, they're stereotypes, but I'd rather have them than depictions of sexless, monogamous, boring totally-straight-acting gays like on Will & Grace. Let's face it, a large percentage of gay guys act like one or more of the Queer Eye guys. If it's true, then, why hide it? 'Cause we're ashamed of being "fabulous" and "creative" and sexual beings? If that's the case, then we have a long way to go in dealing with our own self-hatred before we worry about straight people.

6) All of that said, it bugs me that Mr. Lane, who as far as I know has never bothered to officially acknowledge his flaming homosexuality and hasn't done a damn thing for anyone in the gay community (except maybe some rentboys), has the gall to make fun of a movie that, no matter how overblown the hype, is an important movie for the gay community.

(Via Bookslut; Gawker)

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JZY said...

You are right on. "Activists" often get confused that the arts were supposed to be tools for their political/reeducational interests. Too bad, artists make art, not activists.

In fact, I prefer the fact that in this film, 2 aspiring, ambitious straight actors had to play gay. The straight world already knows that gay actors play straight roles all too well.